13:45-13:50 Opening

13:50-14:10 Talk 1
Dependability-Performance Trade-off on Multiple Clustered Core Processors
T. Funaki, T. Soto

14:10-14:30 Talk 2
Flexible Bus Media Redundancy
V. F. Silva, J. Ferreira, J. A. Fonseca

14:30-14:50 Talk 3
Taking Advantage of Within-Die Delay-Variation to Reduce Cache Leakage Power Using Additional Cache-Ways
M. Goudarzi, T. Matsumura, T. Ishihara


15:30-16:00 Keynote
Reliable Broadcast Communication in Mobile Ad-hoc Networks
Roberto Baldoni

16:00-16:20 Talk 4
Optimizing Byzantine Consensus for Fault-Tolerant Embedded Systems with Ad-Hoc and Infrastructure Networks
H. P. Reiser, A. Casimiro

16:20-16:40 Talk 5
Evaluation of Message Missing Failures in FlexRay-based Networks with Star Topology
M. Dehbashi

16:40-17:00 Talk 6
Fault-tolerant collision prevention for cooperative autonomous mobile robots with asynchronous communications
Rami Yared

17:00-17:10 Closing